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About Dr Law Solicitors

            ABOUT US                                       OUR PHILOSOPHY

Dr. Law Solicitors is a boutique law firm based in London with excellent credentials, specialised knowledge and a wealth of experience. We have earned the reputation for providing an exceptional legal advice & representation of clients in immigration, family Law. 


We comprise of a team of professionals, conversant and specialised in providing practical and affordable legal solutions to our clients.

We have represented numerous clients in litigations and negotiations, The matters that we have dealt with are immigration matters concerning applications, appeals & judicial review, matrimonial matters & advice,  family matters and employment disputes as well as sharia law advice.

Our mission is to provide high-quality legal services with integrity, expertise and satisfaction to our clients and the community.
 Building Relations for              Better

Our Pro-Bono

“Equity & Justice for all” is the philosophy behind Dr. Law’s pro bono. through our pro bono policy. we seek to provide advice and support to those who are unable to afford legal services, while going through difficult and turbulent times. 


Our pro bono policy is an attempt to ‘pay back’ to our local communities, in the best possible way.


Clients Interest is Our No. 1 Priority  Best Client Service  Prompt and Proactive Service  Effective Results at a Competitive Price​   

"I had the best experience with Dr. Law. Very knowledgeable, diligent, considerate, does what is in the best interest of the client. I would recommend Dr. Law Solicitors to anyone."

" I’m extremely happy with the services of dr. law solicitors. They have a fantastic approach and great client care."
" I would highly recommend Dr. Law Solicitors to everyone. they help me to achieve my goal"

Immigration Matters

Family Law

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