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Immigration Matters

Immigration services, Business Immigration, Judicial review, Asylum

             We are Dr. Law Solicitors, leading immigration law firm based in London. Our immigration Solicitors have expertise in all aspects of immigration law. Our area of expertise extends to visas for Business Immigration and Immigration services such as Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 4 & Tier 5,

Family Law Matters

Marriage, Civil Unions, Domestic violence, Settlements,     Divorce

                 In these evolving times, in a period of various family units and progressively litigious society, the firm has nurtured from its centre potency and has extensive involvement in Family and Matrimonial Law.


              Our matrimonial dept has an abundance of involvement in family matters covering divorce, financial aspects and property issues, division, children matters including contact (access) issues and adoption and Special Guardianship cases. We can deliver pre-matrimonial understandings. We are additionally ready to help with civil partnerships and with the breakdowns in such connections.


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